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Where are the translating services provided?

Let’s assume you are going to hold a medical symposium or a conference, or to prepare design and process-control documentation for your business partners or an

The first question is whom you can turn for help to. The answer is rather simple – you have to find a specialized agency. Fortunately, they pop up like mushrooms after a spring rain. The range of services they can provide is rather wide.  Let us talk about some of them. 
Engineering translation services.

Not every specialist can do such kind of work in the highest level.  Often there are a lot of terms that come from Latin and Greek. In grammar of technical texts the specific and fixed grammatical norms are used: indefinite-personal and impersonal structures, passive voice, and also impersonal forms of a verb. Without any exception have to be provided

•    One hundred percent semantic identity to the original text;
•    complete and competent use of terminology of the first document;
•    in-depth content understanding;
•    description of technological processes, their purposes, stages and results in correct sequence.

Layout and text formatting are additional special options. Often they are provided in order to set up a correspondence between diagrams, tables and drawings included in the workout text.
Such multi functional work can be done only by specialist focused in a certain area and therefore it is highly valued by customers.
Business translation services.
Exact wording is necessary in translating of financial and managing documents, as well as in technical texts processing. The business based on partnership with the foreign companies constantly feels need for such kind of translation. The qualified linguist needs to have additional thorough economic knowledge, has to easily operate terms of the spheres of banking, accountancy, marketing and other brunches of financial and business activities.

Competent translation means
•    considered accuracy in using terminology;
•    maintenance of standards of documents;
•    responsibility for the result on which success of the agreement or deal depends.
This service covers such papers as contracts, business plans, financial accounts, audit reports, market researches, etc.

Medical translation services.
It is necessary to work on medical papers with much attention and care. As no other, these texts are rich in special words attached to professional academic discourse.
The text master has to understand medical terminology, have knowledge of medicine, and also have qualification of executing and translating documentation, medical statements or histories. Great attention must be paid to the endings of drug names, names of symptoms, contraindications, adverse drug reactions.  

 As a rule, work of the skilled medical translator is in addition edited by the medical specialist. Such seriousness can be explained by the fact that human life and health depend on the precise wording in the translated text.

All services listed above are high professional and skilled. So, give your orders for these works to a competent agency. Don’t risk your business, image and health. 


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