• Document translation: Fast and accurate service. Any volume of work accepted – even at short notice or with a challenging deadline. Able to cope with just about any file format. Extremely competitively priced.

  • Website translation: Veterans of many Web projects. Experts in ongoing localization of fast-changing content. Able to deal with text embedded in HTML and other markup languages. A highly attractive pricing policy.

  • Video translation: Translation of subtitles and scripts for overdubbing. Industry-standard subtitling and video-editing software used. Voice talent arranged if required. Ongoing projects welcome – flexible financial terms available for long-term partnerships.

  • Copywriting: Brand-aware copywriters who create stylish and persuasive copy. We take the time to thoroughly understand customer requirements. Search engine optimization advice and skills available on request. Highly affordable compared to the competition.

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Document Translation Services

Written communication is the lifeblood of our societies. Just about every area of human life generates a steady stream of documentation. But as the need for multilingual communication – with international customer bases, audiences and workforces – increases, the challenge is to avoid unnecessary interruptions with the flow of written information. So, the need for a reliable translation partner has never been greater. At Global Language Solution, we are available round the clock, every day of the year, ready to deal with just about any quantity of translation, no matter how unusual the file format and no matter how challenging the deadline. We pride ourselves on helping clients with even the most challenging requirements. Legal affairs, technical fields, including medicine, and culturally sensitive activities such as company branding, generate documentation that is full of specialist vocabulary and concepts. That is why we recruit translators with a wealth of experience and expertise. These talented individuals can make the difference between a successful product launch and a ruined reputation, or between a flawless technical manual and one that represents a danger to life and limb.

Website Translation Services

By definition, the Web has no borders. So, if you publish content online but fail to localize it, you may be sending the wrong message to millions of people around the world! Localization can only be carried out by highly skilled individuals. To begin with, translators are often required to work on the raw pages of HTML or XML that typically make up a website. This requires technical awareness and appropriate software tools. Moreover, it is important for Web content to be organized so that search engines can easily find it. Many translators claim to be able to do this, but few genuinely have the skills. Global Language Solution recruits translators with deep knowledge of Web technologies and techniques so that our projects proceed without difficulty. But beyond these technical challenges, the content published on the Web is often problematic in its own right. Specifically, it tends to change very frequently. For example, a huge amount of content can be generated by a holiday ecommerce website in just one day. So, it is important that, like Global Language Solution, your translation partner is able to respond flexibly to spikes in demand.

Video Translation Services

Video is the medium of choice for more and more types of communication. In addition to movies and television, there is, of course, a vast amount of video advertising. Video has also become one of the most popular ways of delivering information and training, mainly thanks to social media and blogging. Global Language Solution has significant experience of translating all these content types. In particular, our translator network includes many seasoned subtitlers. They are experts in the use of industry-standard subtitling software, and have an aptitude for creating natural-sounding, condensed translations from indistinct or wordy video content. But there is more to video localization than just subtitling. For example, we often help clients to source voice talent for overdubbing in a chosen language. Moreover, video is rarely a standalone product. It is usually accompanied by related materials that also require translation. In such circumstances, Global Language Solution is careful to ensure complete consistency – between a movie and its marketing, between a computer game’s animated sequences and its help menus, or between a training video and the course notes.

Copywriting Service

These days, there is such demand for written content, both in print and online, that producing it can place a considerable strain on an organization’s resources. Many opt to outsource their requirements to an agency supplying copywriters. But finding writers who can be trusted with the brand identity of your organization can be a worry. Thankfully, Global Language Solution are a reliable source of proven professionals. All of the copywriters in our network have a track record of delivering excellent copy as well as a flexible and responsive mindset. But what makes great copy? Firstly, it needs to be well informed, and in fact many of our writers are subject experts who bring years of industry experience to bear in their work. Great copy also needs to have a consistent style – one that conveys the client’s valuable brand identity. To achieve this, our project managers take the time to understand client requirements and feedback, working closely with the writers. Finally, for online copy, it desirable to shape the text so that search engines can find it more easily. This is very much part of the skillset of our copywriters.


Speaking your language

Everyone prefers to communicate in their own language. It’s only natural. That is why all our staff – even those of us who are not translators – are highly competent in a wide variety of languages. But Global Language Solution speaks your language in more ways than one. Our staff are selected for their broad knowledge of industries, and they are always keen to learn more, listening carefully to what clients say about their day-to-day activities. Our aim is to establish trust and understanding, so that you can engage our services in total confidence.

Translating into your language

Translation, like any business, has its own technical jargon and buzzwords. But you will never hear us using them. We prefer to explain what we do in terms that that anyone can understand. We also believe that the customer should be the final judge of whether we have provided good translation. Once we have delivered a piece work, we give the customer an opportunity to provide feedback. If we have not done exactly as instructed, we commit to resolving the problems. This kind of transparency contributes to trust and develops partnership.