Our Company

  • An extensive network of highly-qualified and experienced people. All major language pairings handled and many minor ones.

  • Deep knowledge of many industries and fields of activity. Qualified professionals available to undertake translation and other tasks on request.

  • Fully compliant with all relevant international standards, including ISO. A responsible and dependable partner for translation and copywriting services.

  • Available whenever you need us – 24/7, 365 days a year.  No job too big or too small. No deadline too challenging. Best rates in Europe.

Our Company

Europe’s Most Cost-effective Translation Company

Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to pay the earth for high-quality language services. At Global Language Solution, we pride ourselves on delivering translation that is accurate, brand aware and culturally sensitive, while charging rates that are among the lowest in Europe. Our no-nonsense approach to business means that you only pay once for translation of a repeated phrase, and your invoice will never contain unwelcome surprises or hidden fees. In fact we do not even charge VAT.

A Translation Agency with Access to the Best People

Unlike many translation agencies, we do not work with just any translators, editors or copywriters. Global Language Solution goes to great lengths to identify and secure the services of talented people. We do this by insisting on verified, high-level qualifications and significant professional experience. This is backed up by a rigorous testing process that takes place long before we assign an individual to any projects. In addition, our project management staff are selected for their efficiency and aptitude for communication.

A Translation Services Company That Adds Real Value

Translation is our core business, but around this central pillar we offer a wide range of supporting services. For example, video localization often involves subtitling, which requires specialist software and skills. Alternatively, the video can be overdubbed, in which case we will arrange voice talent. For highly technical translation – especially medical, legal and scientific – we can provide staff with a professional background, ensuring absolute accuracy. Our copywriting practice provides added value in the form of cost-effective, outsourced content generation.

Partner with an Established Translation Services Agency

A large proportion of our work consists of repeat business from long-term clients, and our aim is to become your partner agency for translation services. We greatly appreciate the trust that our long-term clients place in us and, as a result, we offer them significant discounts. We also work hard to ensure that the professional relationship runs smoothly and efficiently. We build glossaries and style guides that help to maintain consistency across all projects. Where possible, we try to use the same staff. But above all, we listen to the customer’s requirements.


The Languages We Translate

Naturally, we handle all the most common languages in all the most important pairings. But we have also gone to great lengths to identify translators for some rather more unusual languages. After all, no corner of the world is beyond the reach of globalization! So, no matter how challenging your requirement, we encourage you to contact us with your enquiry.

Qualifications and Working Practices

When we recruit a new translator, we apply rigorous processes to ensure that they are capable of excellence. We expect verifiable, high-level language qualifications, extensive experience and sample work under test conditions. In keeping with international best practice, we only allow our people to translate into their mother tongue.