Artificial intelligence – a threat or a helper for humanity?

Artificial intelligence and its future: forecasts, areas of use and possible problems

In the world of rapidly developing technologies, the topic of artificial intelligence and its significance for the future is gaining more and more popularity.


AI (Artificial Intelligence)

First of all, we should define that artificial intelligence is the ability of machines, computer programs, and systems to perform intellectual and creative functions of a human, to find independent ways of solving the problems, to be able to draw conclusions and to make decisions. The academic community predicts the emergence and active introduction of smart machines into a person’s life in 10-30 years. However, one can say that the development of artificial intelligence will have apparent impact on society, economics, and interactions between people in the future.

The influence of AI on the economy and labor market

Predictions of scientists on the benefits of artificial intelligence in the future are very different, but all of them stick to the point of view that new technologies will change labor market drastically. These changes will affect millions of jobs, as it will be more convenient for people to shift part of the routine tasks to a machine, and to engage human resources in various scientific researches and all sorts of creative work.

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Such automation can also affect qualified personnel, which can lead to unemployment, leading to negative effect on economies of the countries. Thus, government and scientists must think of such consequences in advance, and to develop a plan of adjusting society to a new life.

Unemployment is an important aspect and a point of concern of many scientists. Bill Gates, for example, offered to oblige robots to pay taxes in order to reimburse the amounts that people could pay as income taxes. Ilon Musk in his turn proposed to introduce a universal basic income in order for each person to get a certain amount of money required for living.

Is artificial intelligence is a person or not?

Another hot topic is if a robotic system is a person. There are many discussions on the necessity of giving status of ‘electronic personality’ to robots, for these machines were designed to make people’s life easier, along with smartphones, computers, and other gadgets. The problem that such machines have AI makes the issue a lot more difficult.

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Many experts in this industry announce that in less than half a century mankind will witness the appearance of a real artificial intelligence, which will be much smarter than its creator. Such AI will have an incredibly wide range of intellectual tasks and will be able to think independently. Foresight Institute Organization supports the view that such robots must have data on ethics in their basic parameters, so that it becomes the basis for their decision-making.

The future of artificial intelligence

The future of artificial intelligence is rather vague so far. Despite the work of many research centers, it is necessary to accept the fact that many people are afraid of independent AI, having in mind a threat to their jobs and a risk of mistakes driving it out of control. There is also an opinion that people can be replaced by robots, which may one day become a new dominant form of life.

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These fears are not groundless, and they slow the development of this sphere down, even though many people approve positive effects of using AI as assistance in managing the household activities and performing other routine duties.