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Scientific Translation in the 21st Century

In the last decades, science and technology have been evolving at such rapid-fire space that modern life may seem a pure fantasy of an incredibly creative science fiction writer. Half a century ago no one could imagine a life in which everyone would have a personal computer. Two decades ago the smartphones we are using today did not exist. Technologies were different. Science was different, too. People were different. So was thinking, the level of science and technology knowledge as well as the understanding of modern technologies.

Science Translation Company at Your Service

In the 21st century, there are certain demands and requirements for a translator of the science translation segment. Today, some 5-year old children understand technology better than 55-year old grown-ups. The knowledge gap in the segment of science and technology is widening as technologies are evolving faster and faster. Technology translation requires a profound understanding of the technology and the technological terms. It is impossible to translate a text about smartphones if have never used a smartphone. It works the same with other technologies.

Science Translation Agency

A century ago a translator could learn some specific terminology, let’s say in the shipbuilding industry or in agriculture, and work with the terminology for the rest of his life. Today, technologies and scientific knowledge are getting outdated incredibly quickly. Global Language Solution as a technology translation company cooperates only with the best and most experienced technology and science translators that have been working in the fields for years and that have been constantly learning to keep pace with the technology development.

Translation of Scientific Documents

Translation of technology documents and science-related documents has its specific requirements and language nuances. Not every translator is able to translate a document for the information technology industry, for computer science, rocket science and any other industry where modern technology has been applied. As a technology translation agency with work experience in different industries, in different countries and languages, we are well aware of the complexities and specific peculiarities of science and technology translations.

Science Translation Agency at Fair Prices

While regular non-specialized translation can be done by almost any good translator with proper education and experience, things are completely different for science translation and technology translations. Translation of scientific documents as well as translation of technology documents has to be done by specialists that are experts not only in translation but also in the technology or the science field. Besides, sometimes professional editors and proofreaders with a background in the field have to be employed.

Technology Translation Agency as the Solution

The best solution to your technology translation needs is a partnership with a reliable and reputable technology translation company that has access to many translators specializing in science and technology for years with considerable knowledge and experience in the field of your translation. In the 21st century the reality is the following: today, there are some many technology and science fields that the only way to find a technology translator with necessary is to work with big translation agencies that cooperate with many translation specialists.

Science Translation Company Open for Cooperation

Global Language Solution as a scientific translation company and a technology translation agency is constantly looking for new translators, both for full-time basis and for part-time basis, including the possibility to work remotely from anywhere in the world. If you have professional experience in science translation or technology translation and would like to work in the team of like-minded people, do not hesitate to send us your application. We will be happy to welcome you to our international team!

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