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Path of a tablet from manufacturing to a drugstore

We all notice that for the last century pace of life has increased tremendously. It concerns many fields of activities, perhaps, most of all – business. A hundr

Today the businessman can hold the talks in Geneva, and tomorrow – can convoke conference in Beijing. We are talking about business, but let’s not forget about education sector, scientific area and, of course, medical science and industries. At international level it means the information exchange with representatives of the different countries in huge scales. The professional translation agency helps to communicate and cooperate in this multilingual world.

Quite often we have to take import drugs. And have you ever thought of what amount of work has been done by specialists of various branches before these or that medicines are delivered to a drugstore and sold to you? At first, development of medicine by pharmacologists is provided. Then animal studies are fulfilled. After that clinical trials and studies in number of patients are conducted. During all the process researchers have been keeping records and drawing reports. After that medicine undergoes certification and goes on the market. But medicines are not sailed only in the countries they have been developed.

To tell more, any pharmaceutical manufacturer is interested in expanding sales and to enter the international markets. Besides producers, it is worth mentioning also firms that are providing import and distribution of medicines in the country, where they have commercial interests.

To have an opportunity to sell medicine, it is necessary to certify it, for this purpose the medical translation services aimed on the preparing of all documentation concerning this medicine are ordered. 

Just about the same concerns medical equipment, but also technical translation is worked out, because the expert working with the order has to have knowledge not only of medical, but also of technical subject.

There are cases when the customer gives an urgent order. The situations may be very dramatic. For example, the person was seriously hurt or his health condition at the moment was so critical, that he needs difficult emergency surgery. To be performed successfully and as soon as possible, it is required to translate a big set of documents – starting with civil papers of patient and finishing with, actually, medical documentation. Besides, many papers are handwritten, that means that the translator will need to deal not only with the specific text, but also illegible doctors’ handwriting which is the subject of legends in all countries. Sometimes translators together with doctors should fight for the patient’s life.

So, considering all importance of this work, linguists just have no right to forget about translation quality. The reward for the medical translation services is the understanding that someone’s life was saved.


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