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Machine service vs. human service – what is better?

Now we are able to witness the translating boom. Basically official papers, technical documents, info consumer texts (specifications, advertising circulars, etc

Here we may consider some options: to translate by yourself (in a case you know languages), to choose machine translation, or to find professional translation agency.

The first option is acceptable in infrequent occasions. Another option can lead to semantic errors, incorrect interpretation. Often such kind of translation comes to finding lexical elements, that machine translator cannot observe stylistics and problems with syntax may occur. The result is that such translation can become absolutely unreadable.

So, machine translators, certainly, simplify our life. But nevertheless, you shouldn’t rely on them, except when machine translation is provided in keeping with clear instructions of the client.  
Finally, the third option leaves. Human translation services are the foundation stone of the most translation agencies’ activities. Translation of text is carried out only by skilled translators. Most of all they are trained in specific themes and have the corresponding second higher education. There are one – and multilingual glossaries, encyclopedias and other support literature at their disposal. Also, if the client has special wishes to definitions, to style of the translation, it is possible to consider them only if human translation is used.
A skilled interpreter knows a few languages, may be – two or more. The skilled translator lives all the time comparing several linguistic cultures. Day by day he deals with linguistic peculiarities of these cultures. He imagines well the distinctions of cultures and be able to interpret most precisely data from the carrier of one cultural heritage to the carrier of another. This is the nature of the translating activity. It is hard to realize for a monolingual person what problems a translator faces every day trying to recognize another point of view or to look at the situation from another aspect. 
If a real prof is about the meaning of the task at hand, he will offer high level translation accessible for target group.
Professional translation agencies can offer an integrated manner of doing projects. It means that initial work is done with a help of machine translator. At the second stage experts edit the results. This kind of translation has acceptable efficiency, but not so perfect as human work. None the less, these services reduce the time of the order and are less expensive than human process. 
Another big advantage of human translation services is the multistage system of check. After the translation every text has to be polished by the editor. His work in finding of grammatical, stylistic, punctuation mistakes; all numerical data are verified. The next step is check of the document by the proofreader to ensure the translation to a format of an original. Is someone looking for the perfect close translation? – So, one must order a human translation services, and every word in his text will receive a necessary share of attention.


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