• Language coverage second to none. All major languages available in all the common pairings. Many more unusual languages and pairings also available. Challenge us with your requirement.

  • A truly globalized organization. Even our project managers are excellent linguists. We communicate with the customer in their own language. Available during business hours for your time zone.

  • International standards and best practices applied. Translator qualifications and skills fully validated. Translation into mother tongue only. A second pair of eyes always used for checking.

  • Many value-add services connected with translation. Subtitling and overdubbing for video. Proofreading and editing. Copywriting services. Industry professionals able to validate our work.


Unrivalled Coverage


Global Language Solution challenges you to find a language or area of expertise that we cannot deal with. We are confident that we can help you with any translation requirement you may have.

Language Translation Unlimited

These days, every corner of the world is affected by globalization. That is why Global Language Solution have gone to great lengths to assemble a network of translators covering every conceivable language, and every translation pairing that our customers might require. We have not yet received an enquiry that we had to refuse.

Who We Translate Languages For

We have clients from all over the world, so it is important that even our project managers are able to speak several different languages. We aim to inspire trust and confidence by communicating in your language. Given the vast number of projects that our team has successfully delivered, it is also more than likely that we have an intimate knowledge of your industry or field of activity.

High-Quality Language Translation

It takes talent and many years of study to acquire the skill level that we demand of our translators. Even then, applicants will need years of experience before they are considered suitable to join our network. As an extra quality-assurance measure, no one is allowed to translate into a language other than their mother tongue. The result is that Global Language Solution can promise first-class results every time.

We Don’t Just Translate Languages

Translation does not take place in a vacuum. We often find that there are related tasks we can help our clients with, such as editing, copywriting, subtitling and overdubbing. We apply the same high standards to all these tasks. We can even hire professionals from your industry to validate our work, on request. Out intention is to add value to your business or activity.