International Translation

  • In the 21st century the world has become incredibly interconnected and dynamic. Companies, firms, corporations and start-ups are dealing with prospects, clients and partners worldwide. Today, there are not so many businesses limited by one country or by one community. Most companies are created already with international presence in mind, and even the ones initially aimed at local markets have to take international competition into account, early or late.

  • Luckily for all of us, today international education is not something strange or unusual anymore, it is rather common to study abroad. Students go abroad for a year or two to earn some money or as exchange students, parents send their children to get secondary and even primary education in other countries and on other continents. People volunteer for international organizations, people undergo training and study courses abroad, people just work abroad or choose to live abroad for a year or two.

  • No matter if you are a business, an organization, a student, a scientist, a parent or a regular tourist — everyone needs some kind of international translation from time to time. The world is global, the world is international and it seems that every year it is becoming more global and more international. Still, language barriers exist. Although many people speak English worldwide, many documents and texts have to be translated into other languages, including the languages that are not very common.

International Translation for Business

For a business of any kind international translation, often into many languages at once, is a need. Besides, it is often needed on the urgent basis. Business partners and prospect require prompt replies and excellent business communication style. For the reasons, the best option for business translation needs is to cooperate with an international translation agency that has local offices in many countries and cooperates with native translators, professional writers and editors.

Website International Translation

In the 21st century, your website is your new business card. Today, the first thing your prospects will do once they hear your company name is they will look through your website. If there is no localized and translated website, you lose competition in the very beginning. Global Language Solution is an international translation agency and a website localization company that has years of experience in the translation industry. Our website translators and website localization specialists are fully capable of conducting the most complicated website localization job.

International Translation Services 24/7

For a business of any kind, it is sometimes essential to provide translation of numerous documents on the urgent basis, sometimes into many languages at once. For many reasons, international language translation has to be carried out by professional translators that specialize both in linguistics and are also experts in the industry of translation. Global Language Solution cooperates with hundreds of native speakers and translators in many countries. This way, we are able to provide you the best translation services urgently.

International Translation Company for Everyone

Either you need an international engineering translation, a medical translation, a legal translation, an arts translation, or any other kind of translation you have come to the right place! Global Language Solution is an international translation agency that has been providing translation services for years and we are capable of providing any kind of translation request in most European languages as well as some major non-European languages such as Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Hebrew.

Multilingual International Translation Company

Today, as many companies have operations in different parts of the world at once, translating from and to a few languages is often not enough. If you need to translate a legal document from Korean to German, a website from Swedish to Danish, a technical drawing from English to Chinese, and a piece of literature from Japanese to Spanish, you have come to the right place. Global Language Solution is an international multilingual translation company able to fulfill all of your translation needs!

International Translation Services 24/7 at Reasonable Prices

Here at Global Language Solution, we provide translation services both to corporate clients and to private clients in many countries. We have the capability to provide translation services 24/7 as well as translation services in many languages on a day-to-day basis. We cooperate with hundreds of professional translation specialists worldwide and we are always looking for translators for our international team. If you have experience in professional translation, send us your application, and we will get in touch!

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