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How to find a good translation agency?

Few simple tips on finding a good translation agency

Some are market leaders; the others are only beginners. No matter what translation agency you choose, you may get your work done perfectly and in time. Follow our tips!

Your task is to have some text translated, and you don’t always have time and desire to invest efforts in finding the best agency? It’s not obligatory to check the number of satisfied clients they have. Even those reviews can be fake! You as a client don’t know whom to trust, and the parameters for selecting a right translation services company as a partner are obscure?

Follow our useful tips!

The main criteria to pay attention to

It’s hard to figure out the correct formula for selecting a professional translation agency. Needless to say, most of the customers ask only two questions: ‘How much?’ and ‘When will I get it done?’

However, the criteria that make up the quality are much deeper.

Smaller companies tend to take any quick orders offering lower prices. They hire as less staff as possible to meet your basic needs – quick translations at low prices. But what about the quality?

It has been proven that even the best translator can’t avoid mistakes proofreading his or her own work. Hence, someone needs to check, edit and proofread the texts before delivering a final version. And the work of these people has to be paid for, isn’t it?

Tough reality leaves no budget to these high quality professionals; thus, the works of minor companies are more likely to contain peculiar mistakes and misprints in the end. Will you be satisfied with it?

How to avoid faults?

First of all, make sure to choose one of the serious translation companies – those providing special testing systems to check their staff before hiring.

Minor organizations often deal with inexperienced freelancers who get the least number of negative reviews. How can you trust a beginner when the quality of text is crucial? (E.g. project documentstechnical descriptionslegal texts).

Remember also that smaller companies are more likely to miss the deadline, because no one can guarantee that the work will be done in time in case of any force majéur situation.

On the other hand, bigger agencies also have their faults, focusing mostly on proceeding their big flow of orders, forgetting to enhance the quality of translation and encouraging the responsible workers.

Nonetheless, whichever option you select, we advise you to notice the smallest details – check the website, test the speed and the quality of responses you get. Is the staff well-trained? Do you like the manner of responses?

Ask more questions. Who will perform the translation? How is it going to be checked? Who guarantees the quality?

Provide more information. In order to avoid double meanings and misunderstanding, provide additional sources and references.

The biggest successful companies have also had a modest start. It’s not obligatory to select one of the strongest translation companies at the market, but we advise you to look for the grains of professionalism in everything – website, communication, work.

Good luck in finding your perfect partner!


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