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Fantasy versus Reality – what is right and wrong?

Like a thousand years ago, present world is living by dreams and imaginations. It is not that our entire life consists of daydreaming or fantasies. No. However, we are subject to imagining something and craving for it for the rest of our life. We do not mean here the w…

Like a thousand years ago, present world is living by dreams and imaginations. It is not that our entire life consists of daydreaming or fantasies. No. However, we are subject to imagining something and craving for it for the rest of our life. We do not mean here the wishing of a good health of a diseased person or desperate looking for a job of a young man to provide for decent living. These are absolutely normal desires and needs which are required for supporting one’s life. To look for a better place and good condition is an indicative of a “normality” of human nature and all people in the world, unless the latter loose hope and just drift along in hopelessness. So here we do not just dream but also strive for our goals.

When we speak about phantasy or dreams we mean our wishes of something that may never come true or something that will never happen in reality. Phantasy takes us into our own imaginary world of things, activities and feelings that are not normally experienced in a real world and everyday life. Sometimes it helps to get abstracted from heavy duties and hard working as well as from any kind of hardship that a human can endure. It greatly contributes to relieving the burden that one may have in the environment of real people, real objects and real relationships. Also, when we are under the load of straitened circumstances and dream about something pleasant or very necessary at the moment, we mentally isolate ourselves from natural effects of the environment and put a shield of self-suggestion by convincing oneself in that is everything is fine and OK around us.

But there is another kind of dreaming and fantasizing. It is fantasizing for fun. This kind if dreaming is not caused by traumas or everyday trials. No. This is about amusement and entertainment. For those communities which are struggling for life and who are confined to just making both ends meet this is not an issue on the agenda. But for those people whose standard of living is higher they may find the normal living as boring and get to search for something that will thrill them or amuse them, something that will make their life more significant and joyful.

In their search for “significance”, people may find the right resolution by doing some charity activities and find themselves accepted and acknowledged. Other people will spend their leisure time or vocation or just a free time on jogging, skiing, hiking, outdoor activities like sports or climbing the mountains. But there is also another part of people who could not prosper both in charity and in sports and they plunge into the world of fantasy and daydreaming. How “successful” they are is difficult to say because nobody can see their dreams but for the time when they depict it on canvases or drawings.

People dream and fantasize based on what is stored in their memories. However, we have another source of fantasy. It is Virtual World. Apart from “normal” fantasy, virtual world is very much imposing and even insulting at times. Most often people cannot differentiate between the right and wrong and just accept everything this world suggests and offers.

Mostly, for 90% percent of all virtual game players become addicted to it for years until they find something more worthwhile to live for. Another danger and harm of virtual reality is the use of 3d reality glasses. It stimulates to work our brains a little different and causes us to apprehend reality as 2-dimensions reality, which may look flat to the artificial 3d reality in glasses.

Definitely, the real world is better and should be for all of us. We have to apprehend the world and the life as it is. No dreaming or fantasizing will change the reality and will never give us a lasting peace. We have to learn to cope with the world and the environment. Yes, it takes some effort and time but when you achieve it you will reap hundredfold.

Real world is changing and new technologies are coming into our real lives. Whether they are good or bad, we have to know about them and know how they are working and how they are used. Once you are aware of circumstances or the worthiness of the thing or activity, you will decide if it will be right for you or wrong.

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