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  • In the modern life in the 21st century, life has become incredibly globalized and business is becoming more and more international. No matter to what industry your company belongs, a trade or retail company, an electronics company or an exhibition firm, a production company or e-commerce shop, fashion retail or seller of children’s toys and baby stuff, chances are you are doing business with Asian countries: cooperating with Chinese factories, working with Japanese or Korean prospects or entering the markets of the Arabian world countries.

  • In any of the above-mentioned scenarios, you probably need a professional translation service from English to Japanese, from Chinese to German, from Korean to French, or from Arabic to any of the European languages. And it is not that easy to find a translation company that will be able to provide all of the multilingual translation services you may need for your business communication with Asia and translation services from and into Asian languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, as well as Middle East languages such as Arabian.

  • For businesses, companies, corporations and organizations cooperating with partners in the Middle East and in Asia, it is often necessary to translate all kinds of business texts and documents, including business correspondence, legal agreements and contracts, medical and pharmaceutical texts, finance and banking documentation, technical and engineering drafts and instructions, and so on and so forth. Global Language Translation is an international translation company able to provide all of the following upon request and at reasonable prices

Asian Translation for Everyone

The world has become incredibly global and interconnected: business and private contacts with different parts of the world are no longer an exception but a regular thing. A company with a head office in Paris may be producing fashion items at a Chinese factory and selling the items worldwide. A trading company working online only may be working with Japanese and Korean suppliers and selling goods to households in the US. There are many other examples of globalization in international business today.

Translation in Asia and for Asia

Today, people travel to Asian countries much more often than before. A student working in China as an English language teacher, a travel fan visiting new countries, a businessman visiting an international exhibition in China — all of them need Asia translation services both for personal goals and for business objectives. Global Language Solution is a translation agency Asia that has been working in the translation industry for years and has all of the capabilities to translate your documents promptly and properly.

Translation Company Asia 24/7

Translation to and from Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Arabic has its peculiarities not only because of the complexities of the languages but also because of the cultural and social aspects of such translation. Global Language Solution has an extensive database of native speakers and translators of Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Arabic languages that are available not only during business hours but also 24/7. Thanks to the big number of translators available, we are able to provide translation services to Asian languages as soon as possible.

Asia Translation Agencies at Reasonable Prices

For an international translation company today, it is necessary not only to provide regular translations of documents but also to provide website translation and website localization, legal translation from and to Chinese and Japanese, arts translation from and to Japanese, business translation from English to many languages and from many languages to English, and so on and so forth. Global Language Solution has the capabilities to provide all of the mentioned above.

Multilingual Asia Translation Company

Today, many international companies including companies working in Asia or with Asian partners, need not only one language translation but also translations to many languages, multilingual or multilanguage translation, in other words. The best option for the scenario is cooperation with a reputable translation agency that has a database of experienced translators, copywriters, editors, proofreaders and website localization specialists specializing in different languages including Asian languages.

Translation Services in Asia 24/7 at Reasonable Prices

Global Language Solution is a translation agency that is capable of providing translation to many languages on the urgent basis and of the highest quality. We work with Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Arabian translators on a full-time basis and a part-time basis. If you have an experience in Asian translation and would like to work in the international company and with the multilingual team, please send us your CV, and we will be happy to welcome you as part of our friendly team.

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