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A few delusions of translating

There is enough to know a foreign language to make a good translation. It is one of the most common misconceptions about the process. Good knowledge of a native

As a rule, he has to gain an expert knowledge of some lines of business to have good understanding of the subject. Most of all, he has to understand context and cultural traditions of languages, and to follow the constant changes of them. No wonder, that it is much less good translators, than the people who know several languages.

The only one right translation does exist.
If you give one, even small, text to a dozen of translation services agencies, you will receive ten different results. The work on the text is not to look for dictionary analogs of words, but to convey its information, sense and style in other language. There can be several correct translations of the same text, incorrect ones – much more.

It is possible to do without professional translation services.
Of course, there are circumstances when professional translation is needless: at the household level it is possible to do also without it. But in business, scientific and technical, legal and many other fields of professional activity both today’s success and the reputation created for years depend on translation quality. So, after all, it is better to use services of the expert. It will allow avoiding possible mistakes and misunderstanding, to increase quality of communication. And, the main thing, it will show the seriousness and respectfulness of your relation to clients and partners. You can ask your friend to repair your car, or – other example – to ask the girlfriend to cut your hair, but after all most people prefer to address to experts in car repairing and hairdressing.

The machine can replace the human translation services.
At least, in years ahead any computer won’t be able to substitute the translator completely. Even the most modern translation soft don’t recognize a words’ context and polysemy, not to mention stylistic aspects. Therefore, most often, updating of machine translation appears more labor-intensive process, than the human translation from beginning to end.
There are companies or agencies, where about 200 employees work, and they can do any order in any term. 

Any translation services agency, even the largest, isn’t able to afford to hold staff of translators who would work with all possible language pairs and on all possible subjects. The process is absolutely different. The most of all translation agencies that provide a full range of services use freelancers. And the staff can be composed of managers, several professional experts in translating, editors, and copy readers. Preliminary work on text, the development of glossaries, harmonization of terms, recruiting single-area experts take much time and efforts. So, the professional fulfilling of the order cannot be done immediately, and it costs a lot. 
To receive the desirable, you shouldn’t save, penny-wise and pound-foolish.


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